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Logistics HUB in Mercosur

Since its foundation, Maxitrans has focused on performing innovative and high-quality road operations across Mercosur. In order to effectively fulfill this purpose, much is invested in supporting infrastructure, skilled staff, modern and sophisticated equipment.

"I have always worked so that our customers seek Maxitrans for its quality and never for the sake of having freight values lower than the market average" - Roberto Alves, CEO

With this innovative and entrepreneurial spirit, Maxitrans has recently launched an International Freight HUB to Argentina, its main business partner in Mercosur. The HUB was set up in a warehouse attached to EADI Santo André - SP and concentrates its activities on both import and export flows between Brazil and Argentina.
The implementation of this HUB provides several benefits to our customers, some of them being:

  • Schedule with guaranteed weekly departures
  • Consolidation warehouse integrated to the Customs office of origin (Eadi Santo André)
  • Transportation from customs to customs on special regime "MIC-DTA"
  • Flexibility of deadline for receiving loads, documents and consolidation
  • Infrastructure of warehouse to receive loads "dock-exclusive"

Confira como acontece o fuxo logístico rodoviário Brasil - Argentina:


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